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This site contains sections of my book “The Story Of One Man’s Destiny.”  It is an autobiography of my life’s journeys.

I wrote this book to help people understand that even tragedies, such as the loss of a child can be endured if one perseveres.  It is not easy to turn grief and hatred into a positive force.  Without martial arts and the help of many people, I would not have achieved the success and peace of mind that I have been fortunate to accomplish.

I hope that my book inspires others so that they may overcome life’s challenges with dedication and effort.

James Raymond McNeil died three days later on April 12, 1965. I sat there for a long time in disbelief. Later I walked out of the hospital still in a daze, not understanding why I had to lose my beautiful son. All my dreams of growing up with him were truly gone now.  I went to a phone booth to call my mother and tell her Jimmy had died. Before dialing the number I looked up to the heavens and said, “God, I am not mad at you. I understand that for some strange reason you took my son. But God, please, one day let me understand, why?” I called my mother and told her he was gone and then cried.

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-James W. McNeil

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