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One Friday night in 1973 Tiny asked, “Jim, are you ready for your test?” I said “Yes, sir.” “OK then, be here tomorrow night at 7:00 pm and wear something comfortable.” I was practicing everything I had ever learned all day Saturday. That evening, I was there at 6:30 pm. Tiny arrived at 7:00. He said, “Ok, lets go.” We drove to a nearby bar and went inside. I had a beer and Tiny had a juice. A few minutes later a man walked up to Tiny and they greeted each other. He then turned toward me and said, “Is this the guy?” Tiny said, “Yes, he is.” Bill and I were introduced and then I got up and we went into the back room. There were only two rules: no breaking of bones and no biting. We both agreed and shook hands.

Suddenly, Bill hit me in the face. I could feel my whole face splitting in two. He kept advancing toward me and hitting me as I was backing up against the wall. All of a sudden he hit me in the stomach, with so much force I bent over in pain. For some strange reason, he paused and didn’t hit me in the face. I could hear my teacher yelling at me, “get away from the wall and never back up — now hit him.” I started shuffling away from the wall, jabbing and punching, hitting Bill’s face. When he backed up, I reverse shuffled and kicked him in the groin. I could see on his face that he felt the kick, then he smiled and said “that’s how to fight.” We both advanced at each other, hitting each other in the face, ribs, stomach, anywhere that was open. Blood was flowing from my nose and mouth. He smiled at me again knowing he was beating me. I hated that smile and tried to wipe it off his face, but Bill was all over me. I hit him and he hit me twice as many times as I hit him. I was exhausted. We were fighting it seemed like an hour, but it was for only about 10 minutes. Then he smiled again and the final blow came to my face and stomach with such tremendous force that I fell to the ground exhausted and beat up. Tiny said, “Ok, it’s over.” Upon leaving, Bill looked down at me and said, “You have a lot to learn son” and then he left. I was beaten up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tiny told me “Don’t let this bother you too much, Bill is a very good street fighter and very seldom loses. He and I have been friends for a long time.” Practice hard and you can try again later.

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