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My first teacher in the Iron Hand system was Master Shun. I became obsessed with it and I couldn’t train enough. I would soak my hands in a special Chinese liniment for 20 minutes before and after training while doing a special breathing exercise to pull the medicine deep into my pores. I pounded my hand on a bag filled with soybeans then thrust my fingers and fist into a drum filled with beans. This would take at least 2 hours. Every day I trained harder and harder. On weekends, I would spend time at home breaking bricks. If someone in a magazine broke 18 tiles with spacers, I would go home and break 20 without spacers and say to myself, “You aren’t so good.” My backyard was filled with broken tiles and bricks.

I was obsessed with learning the iron hand training. I trained everyday and then some. In my own mind I became the best. I was happy with what I had to achieve. When learning something special you must do your best and push yourself to the limits. What other people think is not important; it is what you believe in and how you feel about yourself that counts. I mastered the iron hand for me and only me, and nobody can take that away from me. I mastered it.

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