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A couple of months after Sandy’s release from prison, my brother Frank called once again to ask if I would like to go to the kung-fu school with him, because he had been concerned about my emotional state and my excessive drinking. I thought about it and decided that in my current state of mind I could make one of four choices: continue being an alcoholic, do drugs, kill my wife, or join the kung-fu school in Los Angeles. After checking it out with Frank, I made the decision to take up the kung-fu training not knowing what a profound impact it would have on the rest of my life and my ability to help many other people in the future.

The moment Frank and I walked into Haumea Lefiti’s Kung Fu school, in August 1967, to meet the great Master Haumea Lefiti, the vision I had many years ago as a young boy breaking bricks came back to me for the first time since it happened.

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