Page 89

In 1984 the highest kung fu master in all of Taiwan, GrandMaster Chiao Chang-Hung, accepted me as his student. This was one of the highest honors that could be bestowed upon any Chinese student, but for it to be given to an American student was unprecedented. Even though Master Chiao had many students, he only picked nine of the best for this system. In 1988 he said for some strange reason he always kept one sword, as he couldn’t find another student worthy. Many students offered him a lot of money to be accepted as the tenth student, but he refused. He said, “When I accepted you as a disciple, I knew you would one day receive this sword if you passed all my tests and you did. You have passed them and in the name of my Master Lushan Daoren and Huang Ti the Yellow Emperor, I give you this sword with honor.” This was truly an honor and any martial artist’s dream, as I was now one of the ten disciples of the Little Nine Heaven System, the oldest Taoist system known today.

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