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I knew that this was going to be a special day and I was correct. After about forty-five minutes of driving through the scenic mountains of Taiwan, we arrived at a beautiful large Chinese style house perched on a hillside. We walked up and knocked on the large door where a woman of about fifty-five answered and greeted us. She introduced herself as Madam Yu-Lin and led us into a large room with Chinese teakwood furniture, overlooking the picturesque view of the valley. She told us to please sit down. It was a Chinese couch which had three hard cushions made out of teakwood. The tea was already on the table in front of us. Madam Yu-Lin was a proud woman who walked with dignity, elegance, class, and a sense of power within her. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She was stocky in build but not overweight, perfect in proportion. She wore a long dress covered by a jacket-type top with beautiful flowers.

I was struck by how powerful and wise she seemed when she spoke to us; it was as if she knew my inner thoughts. “Your teacher thinks very highly of you. He also feels you both were together in another life and that this training is your destiny, and feels you should be handed down the secrets of this art – Taoist Lovemaking. You are very fortunate to have been chosen to receive this knowledge. We have known your teacher for many years and it has always been understood that when he finds a student whom he thinks is worthy, we would teach him; but only if that student has passed all of the testing he has given him. And you, I understand, have done that or you would not be here.”

She explained the lineage of the Taoist women from (wu-tou-mi), Five Peck Of Rice, whose teaching started from the teachings of the legendary Yellow Emperor Huang Ti (2698 BC), which dates back some 5000 years ago. The Five Peck Of Rice was started in the Han dynasty (206 BC) by Zhang Dao-ling and was active up to the seventh century, when they were forced to withdraw to the private sphere under the pressure of Confucianism. As the years went on some moved to Taiwan and continued their practice. The sexual aspect of the teaching slowly diminished, but circulation of chi, healing, meditation rituals, and the three ones were still stressed. The women take on disciplined sexual and spiritual practices to maintain youthfulness and beauty, internally and externally, and to achieve immortality.

“We will teach you the secrets of sexual techniques for both men and women. You will be the only male to have had the privilege to study these secret techniques from us. The majority of Taoist alchemy, which is chi-kung, meditation and sexuality, is directed to male and female practitioners. Under my guidance and the guidance of my girls, and through you, the lineage will remain in existence. Teach these techniques only when you feel you have found the right person, so as to preserve our linage for many centuries to come. The women you will meet here are very beautiful in their own right. They must be respected in every way. Taoist lovemaking to them is an art that goes deeper than most people can ever imagine, not only for the enjoyment or satisfaction, but also for an inner beauty that can only be understood through feeling, meditation, and the feeling of sexual energy circulating throughout the body. Nudity is not something to be ashamed of, as it is only the outer shell of our body which people see. The true power and beauty is inside, that which cannot be seen, it can only be felt.”


“When I first saw you, when Madam Yu brought you into the master bedroom that first day, I noticed there seemed to be a glow about you, you walked proud but humble. Then I was still not sure if I would teach you, but after meditating on it, I have learned to know everything about you. You are an honest, sincere, kind, and humble person and you have power that even you do not know you have. Many people will respect you and many will take advantage of you. I now know why Master Hsu and Madam Yu want me to teach you.”

“One day after Master Hsu passes away, you will find another teacher whose knowledge is far more advanced than any other teacher in Taiwan. This teacher will teach you many things from where I leave off. Even this teacher does not know today that you will be his student in a few years. Then, if you continue to practice hard, you will be tested and if you pass, you will meet your last teacher, a teacher not from this world. This teacher will lead you toward immortality. This is all true and one day you will know. The things I am going to teach you will include cultivating sexual energy, mind travel, and much more. I will give you the basic tools to train, but you must practice as much as you can on your own.”

The most difficult training I ever had was the Taoist Lovemaking. To learn the difference between lust and love is sometimes a painful lesson. To truly make love to a man or a woman takes practice and is not accomplished overnight. One must learn to feel, not only with the touch of one’s hand, but with the whole body as well as the mind. “To feel” is the secret of life, the secret of love, the secret of healing, and the secret of fighting; this makes the balance of life, which contains yin and yang.

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