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In June of that year, my search took me to a kung-fu school in Torrance, California. As I entered the waiting room, I immediately felt an overwhelming sensation that I had found what I was looking for. Strangely, my feelings were not inspired by the surroundings, the students, or even the teacher, but by a picture on the wall. It was a photograph of the master, Hsu Hong Chi (pronounced “Shoo Hong Chee”). This was the same man that I had seen at the Scottish Rite Temple in Los Angeles a year before. When I opened the double doors and saw his face, I knew Master Hsu would be my teacher one day.

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A couple of days later in the afternoon, Master Hsu and I were having lunch at a restaurant when he told me of his feelings for me as a student and how he felt compelled to teach me. “Our ties run beyond this world, for we have met before and that meeting has drawn us together again. You train hard now, but you must train harder than everyone else if you want to be truly good. I only hope you will never let me down for it has happened many times before.” He then offered to teach me the highest level of kung fu, Taoist lovemaking: the art of loving, controlling ejaculation, and circulating sexual energy to name only a few of its benefits. He explained that the system had been handed down secretly for thousands of years through the works of Huang-Ti, the Yellow Emperor (2698 BC). Master Hsu went on to say that many people claim to have learned the art of lovemaking, but their knowledge came strictly from books, not direct instruction. Traditionally, a teacher who learned this art will pass his knowledge in its entirety to only one student. He decided to pass his knowledge of this system on to me if I committed myself to learning it.

This was one of the highest honors that could be bestowed upon any Chinese student, but for it to be given to an American student was unprecedented. Master Hsu often liked to tell me that I was only “American on the outside but Chinese on the inside.” I did not hesitate to accept his offer to teach me. Overcome with emotion, tears came to my eyes as I nodded my head and said “Thank you, Master.” . I have described the actual 3 years of training I went through in my book “Ancient Lovemaking Secrets/Journey Toward Immortality.

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