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A couple of weeks later, I was doing sexual meditation with Melinda at the school. We were about 20 minutes into it and a very strange feeling came into the room. It was hard to explain. It was a feeling as if someone or a spirit was present and looking at us and entering our bodies. There was no odor, just a very strange and strong feeling that someone was there. Melinda got scared and I simply said without thinking, “Don’t worry, it is only Gong Ga.” Then we heard the sound of something dropping onto the floor. Within minutes the sensation was gone. Melinda was still afraid, as we got dressed. Minutes later, Gary Doty, a senior student, opened the door and said, “Oh, I am sorry.” I said, “Don’t worry, we are done with our mediation.” Still standing at the door, Gary looked down and asked, “Whose key is this?” We went over to look at the key and it was Melinda’s house key. Some strange and impossible thing happened, as just this one key came off the round key ring. For such a key to just fall off is impossible, even taking it off is a job. This was the strange noise we heard before we quit our meditation. Was it a message from Gong Ga to show her powers in some strange way?

On April 11, 1997, she was one hundred and eight years old. She called all her disciples to her room where she sat in an upright position with her arms and legs crossed and told them that it was time for her to go. After instructing them as to who would take over the temple and of their assigned duties, she told them how to preserve her body. It was her wish to have her corpse preserved for three years. After that, her body shall be made into a “Buddha in the flesh.” On April 11, 2000 her body was covered with gold and put on a pedestal in her temple for all to see. All her disciples meditated on that day.

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