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Master Hsu had many different kinds of Chinese herbal recipes. He gave me different types of recipes and explained how to use them. One could take swelling out of a leg or ankle by 50 to 100% in only one night. I have used them many times and they always work. He also explained to me about the different parts of the snake that can be used for medicine and how they can help a person get well. This is done by drying out certain parts of the snake that are to be used, and then making a powder out of them. The snake gall bladder is very effective for liver problems, eye diseases, and constipation. Snake penis is very effective for heart disease, nervous breakdown, decline in energy, recovering from fatigue, and kidney disease. The snake powder contains high protein and enzymes and is very effective for the stomach and intestinal problems and infections as it cleans the blood. Tonic wine is mixed with Chinese herbs and must sit for ten to twenty years. It is good for circulation, increasing energy, and good for women before and after childbirth. The only thing is that this medicine must be made from a poisonous snake. He showed me this secret medicine.


Master Hsu was surprised and said I was crazy. Later during the week, Master Hsu told me he would teach me how to dissect a rattlesnake for medicine. We went downstairs and Master Hsu asked me to pick up a snake and put it on the table, then tie the head down so it cannot bite. Then he proceeded to teach me how to take off the skin. He first told me to cut around the neck not to deep just enough to cut through the shin. After that he told me to pull the skin gently it really was not easy as I had to pull hard but easy, when I seen the organs I got scared I would pull them out. He yelled don’t be afraid they won’t come out. After taking off the skin he Then he showed me where each organ was and how to take them out of the body and how to use the organs, fat and the body for medicine. It was amazing even thou the snake was dead he stilled moved and his body was very powerful. After taking out the organ and then putting them aside he showed me that the white looking stuff was the oil of the snake that is what keep him alive while he is hibernating. I took out all the oil and put into a frying pan and slowly melted it into oil and then putt into a jar. After that was the body I cut it up in pieces and put it into the oven at a very low temperature, he said in the old days they hung it outside to dry. Later after it dried we grinded it up into a power.

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