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In April of 1991 Master Chiao left Taiwan for the Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple where he would be teaching for a year. After teaching at the temple for almost a month, Master Chiao called me to accompany him there to meet the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (pronounced “Shwan Wah”), the founder of the temple, who had summoned Master Chiao from Taiwan. Master Hsuan Hwa decided he wanted to learn the Shih Shui system. Master Chiao wanted me to help and learn more about the teaching of Shih Shui with the Venerable Master.

While helping to teach Master Hsua Shih Shui, I noticed that he had many cuts on his legs. I asked Master Hsuan how he had acquired them. Master Hsuan explained that in his younger years when doing meditation, he would get aroused naturally. This was against his custom; so to punish himself he would cut his legs with a knife. This went on for years until he no longer was bothered with this problem. Now after learning about the powers and importance of Shih Shui and talking to Master Chiao, he realized that this was wrong, so he wanted to fix the problem.

One morning while Master Chiao and I were in the main temple meditating with the others, I had this strange feeling in my lower stomach and it started to vibrate. It became stronger and stronger. There was no way anyone could make the stomach vibrate this fast on purpose. In the past, my whole body had vibrated and shook while meditating, but this was different. Later Master Chiao said this is now only the beginning of something very special and other changes will be coming soon.

There were many different buildings on the property as it used to be a hospital for the mentally disabled of whom had served in the military. One afternoon, I was walking around one of the buildings. I could almost hear the cry of the spirits inside the different rooms and the pain and suffering they must have gone through. I walked quietly down the corridors and then I heard a strange sound coming from down the long hallway. I walked quietly and carefully. When I got close to the room where the sound was coming from, I peeked inside. Who was there? It was the American who was the head instructor for the trainees with a young practicing nun. He had her bent over as they were having a sexual affair. I stepped back listening and trying to figure out what to do. So I decided to make a noise as I stood in the doorway. They both turned around and quickly hid themselves, as I looked into his eyes. Then I walked away quietly.

Why did I make the noise so they would notice me watching? It was because this head instructor always walked around acting like he was better than everyone else. He had an attitude problem. I wanted to teach him a lesson: that he had human desires just like everyone else, that he was no different or any better. Whenever I crossed his path on the temple grounds, I made sure we had eye contact. The instructor always dropped his head. I went home shortly after this and continued my everyday routine.


Meeting the Venerable Master Hsuan-Hua and help teaching him Shih Shui Kung was truly an honor. And being amongst two great masters, the Taoist Master Chiao Chang-Hung and Buddhist Master Hsuan-Hua, at the same time was wonderful. They told me of the discipline they had to maintain to reach their potential. They taught me that to be great you must believe in yourself, practice hard and enjoy what you are doing. This is wisdom I think we all can learn from.

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