In 2005, I went to Ecuador to teach a seminar and attend the wedding of one of my students. It was in a village called Vilcabamba known as The Valley of the Gods or The Sacred Valley of Longevity. When I arrived, my student Dr. Henry Short picked me up with his lovely, soon-to-be wife. We drove about one hour through beautiful mountains and valleys. A few days after the wedding, which was also very beautiful, I started teaching a two-week class in Splashing Hands to one group and Chen Tai Chi to another group.

bout four days before the class was to be over, I was teaching a Chen Tai Chi class. All of a sudden, I spotted something and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I soon noticed that my hands had an aura around them. I asked my students if they could see it. They said no. I now was obsessed with what I saw and played with it. As I would move my hand, the aura would trail until it caught up. I moved my hands many different ways to see how this aura moved. It always followed and caught up; I could feel it hit when it caught up. It was a feeling hard to describe. I put my hands close together and it formed an almost ball-like figure. Then I moved it quickly and the tail followed and caught up again, almost like a meteor falling to the earth with the tail following. It had no real color; it was like that of a light cloud surrounding my hands with the feeling of warmth. Two days later, the same thing happened again. Again, I played with this aura like it was a toy. I had to continue class and the aura stayed with me.

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