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In 1989 I showed Master Chiao a 200-year-old Taoist ceremonial sword that was from a small Taoist Temple just south of Canton, China. It was taken by the Communists and put in their warehouse until I had acquired it from an antiques dealer who was a friend of mine. Master Chiao looked at it and could not believe I had such a sword. On the blade just below the handle is an engraved saying, “He who processes this sword possesses the power of the spirits.” Master Chiao said he would show me a ceremony that this sword could be used for. It is the ceremony of the Six Chia Spirits.

Then one early morning six months later I began. Everything was in place that was needed. I had the ceremonial sword close by me. I used the talisman and said the mantras as I was taught. I was in a trance doing what was taught to me. Without my knowledge, my wife was looking out of the upstairs window. She saw and heard the trees in the yard howling and moving violently. She looked next door on both sides and nothing was moving, only the trees in our yard were moving. The sound got louder and louder, the trees blew harder and harder. She ran downstairs and yelled at me to stop. She broke my trance and everything went back to normal.

She asked me what was going on? I said, “I told you last night I was going to summon the Chia Spirits.” Still shaken up, she went into the house and called Master Chiao and told him what had happened. He said maybe she did the right thing by stopping it. He asked, “Whom did he summon?” She asked me and I said “Chia Wu.” Master Chiao said, “Oh no, now he must always summon her.” His voice was concerned saying, “Jim is truly an extraordinary person to be able to carry the ceremony so far, as it is usually only done by a true Taoist Master of ceremony. His skill goes beyond any of my other students. He was sent here by the gods and one day he will truly understand why.”

There are other unbelievable things that happened in my life that are written in this book.

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