Master Chiao and I would meditate many times during the day and evening. He taught me the Little Nine Heaven System. One night around 2:00 am Master Chiao knocked on my bedroom door asking if I wanted to meditate. Of course I said yes. I went into his room. We sat down on a straw mat as always, sitting back-to-back. Master Chiao told me that in about fifteen minutes I should turn around but say nothing. It was hard for me to meditate knowing that I had to turn around in fifteen minutes. When it was time, I turned and then looked up. Master Chaio was levitating above my head. I turned back in amazement. I waited to feel him return, but felt nothing. And then, all of a sudden, the Master poked me on the side and said, “OK that is all for tonight. We will talk tomorrow.” I went back to bed, woke up my wife and told her what happened. I could not sleep all night thinking of what I had just seen. The next morning Master Chiao told my wife and I, “You cannot tell anyone of what you have seen, as I don’t want people pestering me. I just wanted for you to witness some of the things that are possible.”

During this time Master Chiao also showed me how to stand on my head. He said, “When relaxing completely in the headstand, the body breathes slower, more blood will flow to the brain, and the inner organs absorb more oxygen than usual. Headaches, emotional states, anxiety and breathing difficulties will disappear.”

I started with only a few minutes a day of standing on my head against the wall while using my hands. After about a month I moved away from the wall and did my headstand without the support. Later I went back to the wall, leaning against it, but not using my hands. This was not easy and took another month or two, as it was hard on my neck. Later I could do this for fifteen minutes. On my next visit to Taiwan, Master Chiao checked my headstand and then took me outside on the grass to stand on my head without using the wall as a brace. I practiced this everyday and it was not easy in the beginning.

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