One Saturday morning, around 1949 or 1950, Nana and I got into an argument about something meaningless. We all were going out for the day to the park and got into the car. I was in the back seat sitting behind the driver’s side, John in the middle and Frank by the window. Pop, Grandfather, was backing down the driveway. When he got to the bottom of the driveway, Nana said “Jim, go up and get the newspaper from the front yard.” As I was walking up the long steps, still upset with Nana, I started thinking about running away from home. I was angry at Nana in the moment and this was my chance to run away. “I would run to California”, I thought, “where Roy Rogers would adopt, raise, and love me.” When I reached the top of the stairs I bent down to pick up the newspaper. As I did so I had this quick vision; although it seemed like it lasted for a long while and was very real.

In my vision, I saw an Asian boy standing in front of a stack of bricks. The setting looked like early morning, before sunrise. The ground was dry dirt and in front of the boy three Oriental men in robes were sitting, watching. They sat in front of a building with three large pillars. They nodded and then with a powerful blow the boy hit the stack of bricks. They all broke. The three masters smiled, but never said a word. This vision was so vivid and real. I was in a daze. I picked up my grandmother’s newspaper and went back down to the car. I never said a word. I also forgot about running away. Soon Nana asked, “What is wrong?” I said, “Nothing is wrong.” At that time in Webster Grove, Missouri there were no martial arts of any kind to influence this vision. I believe this was a premonition of my destiny. I did not know it yet, but my journey had already begun.

After a few years Master Shun said “now it is time you learn a more advanced training of the Iron Hand.” I have never taught anyone this training you will be the only one. Use it wisely and never lose your temper or show off you must always be humble. He put a tomato at the bottom of a drum and put a piece of rawhide over a drum and tied it tightly. Then he thrust his finger into the drum and grabbed the tomato without smashing it. He said you must learn to have your hands be powerful but also soft so you can learn to feel; now you must try. He got another piece of rawhide and tied it onto the drum with the tomato at the bottom. I thrust my hand at the rawhide but could not penetrate it. He laughed and said I will teach you the secret as there in more than just striking the skin. . He said to pull out an organ inside of the human body you need to Page 36

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