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I was asked, “What did I learn from my experiences, and what can the reader learn or gain from this book?” First, I must ask the questions: Why are we put on this earth? What is our purpose here? Why are some born rich and live in large beautiful homes and others are poor and can barely survive? Some live stagnantly, life goes on but nothing changes. Some live in constant fear and danger, while others are carefree and without worry. Why do some countries have plenty and other countries are filled with killings, poverty, and disease? Where is our God? Is it fair? The answer is yes; it is fair because we need a balance on this earth. And that balance is yin and yang, positive and negative. This has been going on since the beginning of time.

Work hard and one day you will succeed. Because when you have a dream and the determination to do better, no matter how it turns out you can hold your head high with respect for yourself. There are many definitions of success and many kinds of wealth. There are more things in life that make you rich than money such as health, happiness, family, and friends who really love you. Spiritual wealth is invaluable.

Throughout my life, I have lost some dear friends, family members and my teachers. You also will lose people you love. This is a part of life that must happen. But remember when one passes, they are going to a better place, without pain and suffering. As hard as it is, you should be happy for them. Things happen for a reason, even in tragedies. Look up into the heavens and ask your own God, why? You will learn the answer one day. To lose a loved one through the hands of another person is even harder to accept and to forgive. I hope you never have to experience this feeling. But for those who have, you need to bounce back, as hard as it is. You must realize it happened for a reason. Find something to take away the anger, sadness, and loneliness. You have to let go for you own sake and for others. Let the higher force take care of justice, and it will in time.

We are always being tested in many ways and for many reasons: at work, home, by our partner, wife, husband, boss and even our friends; just as my teachers tested me in many different ways. Now, how can you pass the test? The same way I did; it is easy: be truthful, work hard, be kind, think of others not only yourself and give that extra little bit when you think you don’t have it.

A subject we never talk about freely here in the United States, and in some other countries it is almost taboo, is sex. Try to better yourself in the skills of lovemaking and learn together. Lovemaking is simple — every plant, animal and insect does it. But their reason is not like ours should be; theirs is only for reproduction. As humans, we have the ability to feel, love, satisfy and make lovemaking fun. My teacher and the Taoist women in the mountains taught me the highest form of lovemaking and today I feel it is worth a million dollars; as it is for health and longevity, as well as for the satisfaction it brings. We all look for the secret of being the best in lovemaking, yet it is easy — learn how to feel and communicate.

I have experienced and witnessed some things that people would say are impossible and not true. Yet, the unbelievable happens all around us. A woman has an accident and her car is overturned. Without thinking she quickly crawls out of the car and picks up one side of the car, turning it over to save her child. Impossible? A man skydiving, whose parachute doesn’t open, falls to the ground. But he lives only with broken bones. Impossible? A doctor says you have cancer and will die in three months, but you are still alive ten years later. Impossible? We only use a small percentage of our brain. Our bodies are capable of many things that most people think is impossible.

I have many things to be grateful for: my health, family, and my many students throughout the world, who love and respect me very much. When growing up we never had a lot of money, many times we only had a little to eat. But my mother and father and we kids worked hard to put food on the table and we always survived. I have been on both sides of the street, and have students from all walks of life. I can truly say I love and treat them all equally. I am rich in many ways and you also are rich. Be happy with the wealth you have and understand its value. Thank you world.

James W. McNeil
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